I’m that boring.

I noticed that I haven’t written in this blog in.. a moment. A minute? Yeah – that’s it.

I am not in the mindset to go to sleep – well not as of yet. Figured I would sit here and dump a few loads off of my mind.  Why not?

Today was my first day of staycation. (I was originally to be in another place at this time. BUT it’s okay. It’s perfectly okay. I have shit to do around here anyway, so why not get that done? Take a few days for myself. Well, I hope to.)

Sitting here listening to Darren Hayes Spin album. This was released in 2002 – The same album which kept me sane during my pregnancy with Darryn. Now it’s immensely scratched (no thanks to her, ha!) and autographed by Darren himself. I plan on getting it framed eventually. Eh – if I can find someone I trust to frame it. Decisions, decisions. Someday. I have the album on my phone – so for now it’s carefully stored away.

Today it has been raining and chilly. Which is actually rather nice. I have been enjoying the sound of the rain.. Just comforting. I’m also back to enjoying incredibly hot showers. Missed those during the summer months. I mean – who legit takes long hot showers in the summertime? 😛

I fucked up my right hand a few days ago. Was doing some floor work during my workout.. and kind of forgot the floor was sweaty. Went to lift myself back up, slipped and accidentally smashed my hand into my desk. I hardly bruise. I really don’t. The hand was sore as hell (still is) and was red. The bruise itself is just coming up now. So incredibly weird – but it’s me. I’m weird, what can I say? It’s like a blue/green-ish bruise now? Still kind of hurts but if I avoid touching it, it’s okay. LOL It’s just me who does silly shit like this, I swear.

I still workout every single day.  I mean that when I say it – every single day. I have been pushing myself by doing more reps and taking longer workout times. One step at a time though. I do want to be in better shape, but not rushing it. What do they say? The longer it takes for the weight to come off? Or something along those lines. I don’t recall . .ha! But I am working on it. I do have to work around my shoulders and back but – I do what I can.

I have been enjoying “Homosexual” by Darren Hayes. I think I have listened to it .. oh hell – several times.  Not surprising really. I love the album. I appreciate the album. Been trying to convince my Darryn to listen to the album haa. She might. I don’t force the issue, even though she’s named after Darren. She knows I love the music, it’s her choice if she wants to listen. I do think she should really do a deep dive on Poison Blood though. Just my thought of course.

Really wanting to get inked again and soon. The last time was what, 2 years ago? It will wait though – I have other plans at the moment. 

My son wanted me to go up to Kamloops to visit this week. Yeah – and it’s snowing up there. Kind of glad I can’t go. I really can’t be stuck up there at the moment. Not with – life? Responsibilities..  Gotta do the single parent thing. Ya know? Life.  

Oh with it being October – been hard on the horror movies this month. Last weekend it was all about the Nightmare series. Tried watching 13 ghosts, but the damn stream kept fucking up. This weekend will most likely be either the Final Destination series, and Scream. I haven’t watched the Scream movies in ages, so why not. Or re-watch True Blood.  Just in the mood for horror and hell – its fairly close to Halloween.

I’ve also found if I toss on an action movie during a workout – that I get serious energy. Fuck using those energy drinks, or caps. Just toss on Nicolas Cage kicking the shit out of animatronics? I’m good. It’s fucking loads of fun, lemme tell you.  Or Bad Boys – any of the Bad Boys movies. I tell ya – it just gets the blood flowing XD

I have been finding that if I want to keep up with vitamins? I have to order from Amazon. The stock locally is real shit. I know it’s due to the pandemic and such. But hell whatever.  As long as I can keep finding them online. The only sucker punch about Amazon? You find a vitamin that you know works.. and them BOOm – fuckers yack up the price. Its so annoying! But with our economy being harsh shit right now, it doesn’t surprise me. Our dollar is crud right now as well.

I was in a LifeLabs today (had to do some routine bloodwork.. thankfully, no biggie!) and oh my lord. How many people were complaining? LOADS. For no reason, except for their own. It’s so weird. I sit down and people think it’s okay to chitchat with me, and complain. All I keep thinking is “Do y’all know how hard they work?” .. That, and I have been trying to get this bloodwork done for 2 effin’ years now. I should be the one complaining, but I’m not. Thankfully I got in and out, and away.

I’ve also noticed a ton of anger on Twitter as of late. What do people call Twitter? The toilet of the internet? It’s true. Like if people aren’t picking fights with one another.. there’s whining about something or other. Normally now if I see the angst on Twitter – I log the eff out. Go to WoW or some other application. It’s just – it gets really draining after awhile. I mean I have enough offline to worry about.. Seeing people complain SO MUCH online.. It just gets to ya.

I was able to replace a picture I lost many years ago. It was amazing, lemme tell you. 

As I sit here listening to “Casey” by Darren Hayes.. trying to piece together other things that I’d like to talk about in here. Many things I just don’t discuss online. I wish someone would make a meme which says “Homey don’t play dat” . You know? Homey the clown from In Living Color. Man, did I ever love that show back in the day.

Oh I know. Prices going up – yet sizes going down. Example – a can of Chef Boyardee. They used to fill those fuckers to the brim. Nowadays? Prices go up, the cans are less full. Same with cat food. Like ours love Purina. I’ve noticed as of late the cans aren’t as filled as they used to be. Yet – again, prices go up. It’s cruel.

I am fairly certain I know why I was given broad shoulders. I carry so much. It explains (in a spiritual sense) why they hurt as much as they do daily.  

Gotta get my cemetery walkin’ shoes in order. Maybe a trip down to Ross Bay in the coming weeks. Fall or not, perfect time to go down there. Burn off the negative energy. Besides, you’re safe in a cemetery. Am I right? XD Gotta get my cemetery walkin’ groove back. Been so busy with life, that I haven’t been able to get down there and do it.

Being on staycation is weird, yo. Like – it’s like what to do what to do. Going to take some time for myself. Some gaming of course. Um – other things I need to deal with. But gaming first because – I require some serious downtime.  With working out placed in the mix and avoiding social media.

To be honest, I have really been not posting on social media. IG – sure. I post my workout updates. That and who doesn’t love a cat video. I mainly use FB to video chat with my daughter. She chats with her cat through video. Benn actually does look at the camera. It’s super cute.  Last night Benn kept sticking her butt in the camera. She’s like “See kitty, see butt!” … haha! 

Damn. Been plugging around on this since what – 9ish. It’s almost 1 in the morning. I mean no biggie to me, as I have nothing to do tomorrow.  I’m making it a point to NOT do anything tomorrow. I ran several errands today er wait yesterday now haha.. and made a promise to myself to take today as a down day. 

Okies – checking on the furrballs, then heading to bed. I have more to say but .. nah, heading to bed.