Could use a do-over

I seriously could use a do-over for this weekend.

For the past now 2 weeks (I would imagine longer..) I have been struggling w/a cracked tooth (big crack!).. which just so happens to have an exposed and infected nerve. Or nerves.  Holy shit – I do not recommend. 0/10. Yes, I went to the dentist. Prescribed Amoxicillian. Did -nothing- for me (which generally it doesn’t, as usual..) .. Went to the doc on Thursday and was prescribed Clavulan ( I am prob mispelling, but I am exhausted.) I have not slept much if anything at all in the past 2 weeks. Still somehow manage to function (although my house is a disaster.. meh).

Then my shoulders started acting up. Joy of joys. My lower back has been screaming at me since I started the new antibiotics. Go figure. THEN Saturday a full-blown wanting to throw up, blinding pain inducing migraine. I haven’t had one of those in a -long- time. That, and I can hardly eat without screetching pain. I can’t get the infected tooth completely cured, unless I come up with 600 for a post? Or the dentist somehow advises the insurance company to cover the post. So yeah. I am not a bundle of fun at the moment. Still have the leftovers of the migraine (the lingering head pain.. ugh!) .. and the teeth which are infected are really beginning to piss me off.

I know, whining bout’ my medicals.. But hell – at least I can poke fun at myself. I find if I eat something super soft, it doesn’t seem to piss off the infected root/nerve .. so I have been on a strict diet. But it’s either that, or I keep dealing with screetching pain.

I will never understand why something SO damn tiny causes so much incredible pain. Like Friday going into Saturday? The darn tooth popped in my mouth. Popped and then caused pain. Like, whoa?! Sigh all around. I hope the anti biotics clear it up soon, because it’s driving me insane.


I ended up closing my bedroom door tonight, in hopes I can get some sleep. I am not writing about this to complain (as I am sure others have worse off issues than I do… right?) .. just writing about it to get it out of my head.

I do still work out – yes. However, since the tooth issue happened, I can’t workout for long. The jaw being jarred due to movement, causes pain to shoot downward. So I have to cut it down a notch. For now. I know, I am stubborn.

I am in such a dire need of a full body massage. I am going to see if any massage places are taking newbies. I really really REALLY need a massage. I need to loosen things up. So tense. I have a feeling the tension and stress is what is causing the migraine. Damn – that was a doozy!::

Subject change a tad. I made a list of goals I want to accomplish. I wanted to tackle some of the house this weekend, but I opted against it. Not until this infection pisses off. I will be gutting once it’ pisses off however. First thing will be D’s room. Then the hallway, laundry room, bathroom, my bedroom – Kailani’s room, the kitchen and downstairs hallways closet, laundry room for suuuuure.. I imagine we could easily donate or trash a good 50% of what is taking up space. That and when I finally get D’s room done, we can use it for storage – to tidy up even a bit more. Would be nice. Well – once it’s completely done. I reckon I would neeed a few weekends – as I don’t want to overwhelm myself (as chances are I will be doing this on my own). and give myself small goals each time I reach out to do it. I reckon K will do her bedroom… but the rest? Mainly me. Which is fine, people just need to go with my flow. It’s just me ya know 😛

I have been enjoying the time off of social media. No joke. I have been taking the weekends, and just not being on social media. It really helps! It does. It’s not that I am ignoring it. I just have been taking tiny leaves here and there. I find I can function better during the week, if I take a break every now and again.

Just did a quick look around in my room… and yeah. I have a bunch of shit I want to toss/donate – or what. Same with D’s room. There is so much shit in there which is being tossed. Need to reach out to a junk pick up person and see if they can pick up all this stuff we’ve collected over the years. I have a plan in mind to start. Need bins, and a WHOLE lotts garbage bags. Big ones! XD .. and masks. I have stuff I wouldn’t mind selling but honestly? I don’t want to bother. Might just bin them up and put them away for now. I just don’t have the patience to deal with the Buy and Sell. Too much of a pain in the butt.

Okay, bedtime. I do not want to get too far ahead on things. I just think with things as it stands, it’s about time we rid this place of excesses. Just stuff we no longer need, right? right.

Again, not wanting to get ahead of myself. It just feels like so much clutter. Which is collecting dust. I am sure if we cleared up a good portion of the clutter, we’d be okay. Right? Right. Less to worry about.  Not wanting to overwhelm myself – one step at a time. Do what I can handle. Right? With this infection, I don’t want to push myself either -so it shall wait. As long as I get it done eventually. Just need to get myself into that “fuck this we’re doing this now!” mindset.

Okay, time to header to bed. 


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