Oh, the ..

Ahhh, good ol’ Jack Sparrow .. (decided to re-watch Pirates of the Carribean. It’s been ages since I’ve watched these all the way through.). Well, I am kind of watching it. I have headphones on – to try and drown out .. life? The world? I don’t know. Just – kind of burnt out as of late. 

I had this window open for the majority of the evening. I couldn’t really play with my cell phone as the battery was charging (I killed it something fierce today.. Hah!) .. Was trying to focus on Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Mans’ Chest. I think I’ll re-watch them tomorrow.

I need to keep a notepad running about blog entries that I want to write.  Especially with this Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. It to be honest – is really causing me to flash back and remember things which happened in my childhood.  To add to this – when I see people say “I wish I could go back to being a kid”.. I laugh, then I think to myself “Not a chance in the pit of Hades would I EVER want to live that again!” .. Yeah. That’s how I feel.  Just from personal experience. I would never want to live through that shit again. Nope. You couldn’t pay enough money. 

But – not going into that at the moment. Nope. 

Fuck. I had this entry in my mind and then it disappeared. I barely slept last night (I dunno, I just kept waking up and checking my watch. I have an alarm on the darn thing. I don’t get why – but yeah. Every freaking hour my mind was like “GET UP ASSHOLE!” .. Maybe tonight I’ll leave the watch off. I don’t know, we shall see. It’s just the anxiety and pain checking in. Making sure I still function, I guess? 

Oh I know. I need to fix my haaair. It’s a darn mess. I need to fix the color. Right now it’s a mixture of dark brown and a splat of old bleach. I have like a cupboard full of colors. I need to get the energy to deal with it. I also need the energy to deal with the remnants of D’s old room, the laundry room, and other shit. Sure, gimme a week which I’m not incredibly busy. Then I’ll do all this .. why not? 😛 . I joke. I plan on making a list of small goals and getting to them one by one. I mean – there is a bunch of stuff we can toss or somehow donate. I’ll figure it out. Once we get through this hump we’re in right now.

I smell like strawberries. I have the Jeffree Starr lotion.. I smell niiiice. Ha, random thing to post about. Thought I would because why not? I just wish it had SPF. I would use it more often if it did. Trying to protect things here, yo! Perhaps in the future? I hope.

I want to go up to Kamloops and see my son. I also want to go up and pay my respects to a friend of mine. I came across pictures of the last time I saw him in person.  Life just likes to play around with ya sometimes… lemme tell you.

I really really really (did I say really?) want a new tattoo… I know exactly what I want at the moment. I wonder if I can find someone who is doing walk-ins? Need me some buuuuuurnnnnn…. I just want a small wrist tattoo. I wonder if I can find someone. 

Oh, and Orajel doesn’t work when you have an exposed and infected tooth nerve. It really doesn’t. Soon as you touch the nerve, you shreeeek. It sucks. Or if you try to jump around during a workout. If you think your mouth is covered, think again. Yeah – it really isn’t. I need to keep moving though.. I wouldn’t recommend it though as it just screams. Although I did manage to get a bit more water in there today, which was NICE. Seriously. You have no idea on how much you miss when something gets in pain like that. Yikes. /small white about paaaain.

What I really want to do – is go and see my son, and my grandmother. As I haven’t seen both since the pandemic hit. I know of several who have gone across on the ferry, and haven’t had issues. My only drawback is I also know of people who have gone across, and gotten sick. So yeah – rock in a hard place.  

This entry is all sorts of random tonight. The thoughts of a rambler. Yeah – also been up since 5, with broken sleep. That’ll do it.  I have been learning more toward plugging into music and tuning out. It’s just – needing to decompress even more so. Going to bed at night, and hugging the living shit out of ALF.  (PS, do you believe that ALF has a Twitter? Whut?)

It’s really weird .. how the world is at the moment. I mean like not even 10 years ago, we had to worry about different things. It’s just a weird, scary time that we’re in at the moment. I mean sure go with the flow. But it’s .. yeah. 

Okay – outtie.




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