It was just one of those days. 

Still dealing with this horrid exposed nerve. I say horrid – because damn. If I move or breathe – it sends vibrating shooting pain down my jaw. Nothing helps. Seriously, nothing. Been living off a barely there water and banana diet. Tonight – I shoved a piece of banana over the hole, just so I could get some fucking relief. Like they aren’t lying when they say tooth pain is the worst. No – tooth nerve pain. Like, I handled being cracked. This – this is just bloody annoying.

I talk on the phones all day, so yeah. My stats are in the shitter right now because I take longer aux. I can’t help it.. The majority of time it’s tossing what Clove Oil onto the nerve, so it stops being a douchebag? It numbs but the pain is still there.

I have antibiotics.  I feel like a freakin’ baby yo.. when I deal with pain every single day.


I mean right now all I want to do is drink liquid without pain. ANY liquid (well, I mean c’mon – suitable liquid. Not alcohol. Like – water for crying out loud!) .. 

That and my under eye is red as shit right now. I reacted to some skin care I was trying. So I look even worse for wear at the moment. NOT that I am a snob or anything but damn. I am trying to help my skin, not piss it off even more. 😛

I made myself a promise to keep the majority of life stuff off of social media.  I just feel if it’s something needing addressed, we can do this without bitching on a wall. If you know what I mean.

I was locked out of my main FB profile up until today. I finally managed to get the silly MFA thing to work. Go me. Well, eh not really. I didn’t actually realize how much I missed being away from that profile, until today. The -second- my mother realized I was online? 100 messages about -her- life. No hi, no “how are you” just -her- life.  Put on my headphones and just yeah. 

I was told by someone today (who isn’t connected) that I should write a script about my life. I have two posts so far, neatly tucked away.  You never know, maybe one of these days I will finish that novel. I know I sound silly but wow. Well hell my life has been -interesting- to say the least … so who knows? Perhaps in the future.. 

I need another cemetery walk, and stat. I won’t do it until this tooth infection settles though. As I’m noticing when I move or walk it really annoys the shit out of it.  I am also incredibly grateful for dental insurance. Seriously – you have NO idea. 

I neeeeeed a serious breather from the past several months. A long, hard breather. Hahahaha, I said hard. Well – I could use that as well (as hot damn it’s been a loooooooooooooong time!) but no. I am in a sarcastic mood. Need to burn this shit off before I go to bed.

What I need is a many hours long conversation. Yes. Something outside, on a beach under the stars. That would be nice. Perhaps sometimes in the future? I mean who knows right? The world is a odd odd place right now.

I have a whole lotta need right now. I do. Not going to lie. But for now, I will just saddle through another day. Try not to think about today or this effin’ tooth! 😛

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