This week.


Went to the dentist today. Cracked tooth – exposed nerve. (I kind of figured that .. as I have dealt with this before.) Nerve is infected and causing freakin’ shooting pain. Not fun. Nothing helps either. So right now – antibiotics and a whole lotta “PLEASE WORK NOW DANG IT!”….

It’s the thing -you know? The aftermath of a doctor or dentist poking where it hurts. I came home in tears .. as well – they poke and prod to see what the issue is. Holy shit does that hurt man. I can tend to take A LOT of pain. I giggle when I am in pain (it sucks – really. Nerve thing perhaps? I don’t know.. ) but wow does tooth pain really kick your arse.

I still continue to work out – I just do things slower. Until these effin’ antibiotics kick in. 

I really am not a big wuss. Really. I mean c’mon – I had 5 kids. I had my chest cracked open. I was deflated (hahaha!) and yeah. Multiple tattoos – etc. But holy effin’ hell a nerve gets exposed in your mouth? Hot damn. Nothing helps either. I have 3 different versions of Oragel. Clove Oil .. nothing takes the edge off. 

I know .. I am complaining. Well shit. It hurts. Nerve pain doesn’t tickle. 😛 I am on a roll right now. Shoulders screaming and now effin’ tooth nerve pain. Go me! 😛


On a side note. I was locked out of my FB profile. How this happened – was this. I cleared the cache on my browser. Facebook decides to go “Hey, we need a code to prove it’s you…” Only – they never send the code. I tried over the span of 3 days before I said eff it. I can’t view Instagram in my browser either. They’re both owned by Meta… which hell if you offer MFA – FIX IT so it works. So I sailed onto another profile.

I love my friends, I really do. -Every- single one of them messaged me, to confirm the added profile was legit. Awe <3 Thanks for checking on me!

To be honest, it’s actually been nice being locked out of Facebook. Although the odd thing is? I can still access Messanger. 

I am slowly but surely moving people over. When I have time and patience and all that stuff. 

Oh and again to those in the cheap seats? This nerve pain sucks. SO MUCH… 😛

It’s a DND Music night. Yes.

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