Top Ten About You..

A friend posted this on Facebook a few days ago.. and I figured I would re-write it but change it to the Top 20 things about -me- .. Challenge myself. Considering I struggled in more ways than one to fill out the Top Ten about me. So as I sit here plugged into headphones and music.. Here we go!

I’ll start from 20 down.

20. I had someone who wanted to date me in 1992/1993, and I kept saying no. We made a bet over Superman 2 (I thought the bad guy was Sean Connery!) .. So he won, and I lost.

19. I love tattoos, and have loved them as long as I can remember. I think of them as a means of art. A way of expression. Even if you have one or twenty. I do plan on more, and want to finish both sleeves. Someday!

18. All of my computer skills are self-taught. Either from monitoring others, wee training, or getting my hands in. I taught myself how to type. How to build computers. I can build a computer from scratch (and I have multiple times!) . Its my thing. I used to do web design years ago but put it to the back burner to raise kids and keep a somewhat normal household.

17. Stitch is my spirit animal. For many multiple reasons. Ohana, am I right? 

16. I am a survivor of many forms of abuse. Emotional, neglect, physical. Also of self-injury, self-harm. I’ll blog about that some other time.

15. The first band I ever fell in love with, was New Kids on the Block. I was a kid when they first arrived.. Still a blockhead. Always will be! <3 I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I was, when I found out they were back together. That and I met them in 2013. 

14. I absolutely love cemeteries. Cemetery photography. Long, quiet walks in cemeteries. They are the safest, and the best place to go. To chill, to admire the beauty of the past. I am always respectful when I visit though. I plan on seeing as many cemeteries as I can. They are such an amazing place to walk through. Just to see the history. I have been like this for as long as I could remember. I have my faves of course. I know this seems morbid to others, but I don’t care.

13. I am a former teen parent. I had my first child at 16 years of age. Yet, I strongly loathe Teen Mom on MTV. I think it’s a means to glamourize teen pregnancy. I since have had 4 more children. All 5 of my kids are amazing creatures. 

12. I loathe the heat. Even though I love it in California. I do not like the heat. It’s a thing with me. I don’t know if it’s just because of the thyroid issues, or what. 

11. If i need a little downtime, or if the day/week has been rough? I’ll slap on a set of headphones and just listen to music for hours. Especially during the pandemic and you couldn’t really go out anywhere. Best way to decompress. That, or play World of Warcraft.

10. I lost a close friend in 2019. I was left to mourn alone, as no one cared about the person. I was told the 8th person down the line, even though I was the closest person to him. Absolutely no support from anyone. All of the ignorant jokes/stabs I felt when he passed. I just clammed up and didn’t bother trying to reach out.

9. My oldest daughter is named Darryn. She was going to be a Darren or Darryn either way. Reasons. I was left alone to carry the emotions and the pregnancy. Being left to fend for myself hurt like a bitch, but I/we persevered..  I listened to a huge amount of Savage Garden/Darren Hayes music when I was pregnant. So – I decided on my own to name her Darryn. The name absolutely fits her. I was able to tell her namesake over his radio show, and when I met him in 2018. Y’know, Darryn is one of the strongest kids I have ever met. She gets that from ME!! 😛

8. I love to walk. It’s something which helps burn off steam and life? Yeah. I found these walking workouts which feed my need to walk. Well until this pandemic stuff settles down.

7. I love playing vidoe games. I mainly just dabble in WoW at the moment. I miss playing DDR. Someday.

6. I have tried twice unsuccessfully to complete my BA. Both times something family-wise came afoot, and I had to stop. I do have a Community Support Worker diploma.

5. I love long walks along the Stanley Park Seawall. Alone or with someone. I find it soothing to be that close to the water, and on a long walk. Need to do this again soon!

4. I wanted to be either an animator or an actress when I grew up. Neither one metabolised but that’s okay. 

3. I love LOVE taking a ton of pictures. Without me taking the pictures, the kids won’t have the memories right? I come across pictures years later and go “oh damn, I forgot XYZ” .. so yes. I take pictures. People have picked on me for this for years and I don’t care. A picture is a memory!

2. I have always loved the goth culture. Allllways. My mother never approved. Would force me to wear purple and other shitty colors. I’ve always loved black. Still wear all black to this day. Also have always had a thing for a dude in a long black trenchcoat .. 😉 I blame JD from Heathers for that one (but who couldn’t love that?!?!) .. I finally bought Doc Martens not too long ago.

  1. The one celebrity death which hurt the most was Heath Ledger. Well a couple others, but 2008 was an incredibly shitty year all around. 

Man, writing this out hurt. some of it. I mean not everything about me is negative. Maybe I should re-write this in the future.

Going to try and sleep. Effin’ heat dome whatever they call it.




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