A friend pointed out this evening that flights are cheap right now. Going among the Google’s, I see flights are super cheap right now. Like – I could go meet a friend for less than half it used to be. Or you could get a decent flight and hotel for incredibly cheap. So incredibly tempting… BUT – need to get things in order first before I do such things.

Normally when I head out, I stay in a hostel or boarding house. I have a couple of them that  I am comfortable with. All I know is when it’s safe – I am booking a week off and taking off. I will make sure the kids are secure, and then I am outtie. I am sure the fellow parents out there completely understand where I am coming from. 

I think that the next time I take off, I’ll book a hotel. I don’t want to risk a shared room at the moment. I mean to be honest, I most likely won’t take off until next year. I am well overdue of a long hike up in Forest Lawn. 

That and I am sure my daughters will appreciate being more free. Well, maybe maybe not.

Going for the COVID vax tomorrow. Well – first one out of two. I am -really- hoping it is like the flu shot. The one I generally don’t react from. I hope so. We know of one person so far who went anaphlactic? Had a reaction? Something like that? I am tired, exhausted (like the rest of this planet, haha!) and spelling isn’t coming to me right now. 

Surprisingly enough I am not typing this out on my phone .. Just – nah. Sometimes it’s easier to type this out on my computer rather than my phone. 

Worked out today for over a hour and man, did I ever need that. Soon I hope to go walk around the Seawall. I think when I do go over, I’ll just sneak over and visit the park – then my grandmother.  Not until I am fully vaxxed though. Still protect myself BUT .. I want to see her. 

I told my oldest last night some deets right (is that what they say nowadays – deets? haha!) and he answered me by “Are you mind-fucking me right now?” ..  Kids eh?

Speaking of.. My youngest will be 15 in like 3 days… holy shit .. Then D is 19 in December. 

Part of me just wants to get on a plane – move to someplace exotic and that’s allll.. But I know I can’t do that right now. Perhaps in the distant future? 

I like to observe. I really don’t have much to say. I kind of just sit and observe. Watch everything around me. Pay attention to what matters. 

I was thinking of completely disconnecting from Facebook and Twitter for a week. Just to see how it would be like. I mean, I noticed on weekends when I play Wow and not hop online, that I feel -so- much better. Disconnecting does reset you .. 

Oh and this weather can eat a fart. I don’t mind it being like 20-22 ish.. but when you are unable to sleep, and sweating buckets? Yeah, no. The humidity has been just nuts. 

Yes I know I can handle the heat in California without issue. It’s a dry heat. It’s not damp and wet like it is here. I think that is why I could handle it in Kamloops (well, until you couldn’t sleep..)

Speaking of Kamloops. I want to go up sometime and you know, stop in Cache Creek and pay my respects. 

I hope my neighbors don’t think that because it’s Summer, that I’m going to move workouts outside. I mean sure I will do walks and things BUT my major workouts are still inside. I actually love the Team Body Project workouts. Technically I would be able to put them onto my phone and complete them outside BUT.. I don’t feel like it. 

I won’t go into my “let’s make a remix out of the pounds” today. Nah. Too tired to really care at the moment.

This world is a really odd place at the moment. I am sitting in my bubble, being safe.

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