Lazy Sunday.

Today it was kind of a lazy Sunday. Boring – dragged out longer than it had to, lazy Sunday.

Shit. Just noticed one of the cats has chewed my charge cable. I’ll need to buy another one soon. Stinkers they are. 😛 Stinkers but incredibly cute. One of them left a horrid one in the litterbox yesterday, and MAN did Darryn’s room smell like shite for hours. Thankfully the smell dissipated, but hot damn. 

I completely forgot about having my main domain attached to my Instagram. Ooops. Ah well, there isn’t much there anyways. I mean – it’s just random links. I really don’t do web design anymore – well, aside from snippets here and there. I used this free layout and just edited it to fit. Easier than writing one from scratch. Which I can do, but damn. Having the time to do so is just – no. I’d rather walk on coals at the moment than do that shite. I mean – I can still wear the badge of completing web design over dial up. Things that kids nowadays would not know about haha.. I still remember pissing people off with me always being on the phone. Tying up the lines.. hahaha.. Good times.

Really and truly needed someone to talk to tonight. Seriously could not find anyone. Not a soul. Everyone was busy, offline, or getting ready for the work week. So – screw it. I shall deal, I always do! 

I think it’s absolutely hilarious when someone tries to scam me. Like – do ya think I fell off the .. nevermind. I put something up for sale, and the -first- thing the person asks? “Oh, can you ship”.. going deeper into the conversation – they -demand- I ship overnight. Now note, this is without any payment sent. Yeah, no. That and I google’d the provided address and it was a piece of a road. No – sorry. This is why I absolutely loathe selling things online… BUT – I wanna get this off to someone else. So eff it, they can stew and I will wait for another offer.

Like people must really think that others will fall for their games. I could write a book on how many incredible articulate scams I have come across online. It’s mainly through the online sites BUT… I have had horrible experiences with even Monster. cooommmm and a couple of those job-search places. You really just need to educate yourself and others, on the types of scams out there. Be careful – eyes and ears open.

I still think someone should coordinate a class or three, at senior centers. About how to avoid scams. That way we won’t hear of so many people being scammed out there. If I had the means and the option to do so, I would teach those classes. I would, ask anyone.

I had put on Con-Air tonight, to try and settle my nerves down a slight. My neighbors decided they wanted me to hear their sounds, as always. What I really -really- want to do, is buy one of those Fart Machines and hook it up near my wall. As it’s mainly my wall they slam against. I mean think about it for a second here. Do you think the landlord would take on a fart complaint? Like how could they possibly explain that? XD ..  Or what I might do is record the pounding someday, and toss a freebie music track to it. Kind of spruce up the wall-pound. I think that would be absolutely hilarious. Aside from being annoyed because c’mon… they hear a lot of random shit from my house at times. Mainly the cats and the kids. Austin sometimes as well, when he’s in full-on meltdown mode.

We finally gave away all of those bottles which took up space in my yard. We also tossed the rest .. so now our teeny tiny patch o’grass looks somewhat okay. What I want to do is maybe plant a couple of small things out there, but somehow corner them off so they don’t get wrecked. I don’t know, we will see. I don’t have a green thumb, and I really don’t have the time or patience for it. But, who knows. Maybe i’ll toss some cat grass back there or something. I am sure the neighborhood cats would love that 😛

Right now how I feel is this. Big fucking giant wall. Me behind it – but standing the farthest back as possible. I promised myself I would duck out, and I meant every moment. I just – I watched this video by Nicole Arbor today and it made sense. I am sure someone can Google her – she’s on IG. I agreed with the video. I would link it, but I don’t know if IG videos / reels can be linked into a blog? Or can they. Might try it, just not tonight. Just way too tired to give a shit to be honest. BUT – again, look her up. Some of the things are absolutely agreeable. 

Oh, I fixed an old pair of Beats tonight. So I have had 3 pairs of these headphones in the past what 2 years? Two pairs, the bluetooth crapped out in. I don’t know about anyone else, but I NEED MUSIC when I am out walking. Or just going to the store. Or to incredibly avoid people because.. I am not a people person. Anyway – we still had this one pair kicking around that I almost gave up on. The bluetooth worked, but the cups on the thing were falling apart. So .. I ordered a couple of sets from Amazon. Fixed them all up nice and pretty. They work like a dream! Although all of the crud left behind from the removal leaves little to the imagination (and blahg…) but they work. that’s all I give a fuck about, until I can afford a different type pair of headphones. I hope the bluetooth doesn’t die in these. That would completely totally suck ass. 

I watched a live stream today, of a friend in Disneyland. It brought back so many memories for me. Like the time I took myself to Disneyland for my birthday. I fucking LOVED it. To be honest though, I was way too tired and sore to fully enjoy it. As I had walked for almost a week before going. Next time I go, no cemetery walks before – all will be after. But man.. I miss that place. It’s a place where the kid in you comes out in full force. Plus – next time I am getting my ass on more rides. I think I rode like 3 rides when I was there? I don’t know, I would have to check my videos. But, I loved it. So I sat here today before my workout, and I enjoyed every second of it. I hope to go back someday. 

I want to eventually take the girls. I think we will wait until Kailani can sign off on her own passport. Which is only a year away. Besides, it would take time for me to save the money to go.

I want to take the kids to Seattle first. To see how they handle being in the US. Before we go to California, which is much further away than Seattle. At least Seattle we have multiple ways to get back here. California would be a flight or a drive… so yeah – let’s try something a bit closer first. Of course I would give the girls fair warning first but hey… it’s a thought to do in the future. 

Really enjoying this whole working out thing. I do it every day – well unless I have burned off enough calories and such. I have really grown to love this workout that I do… and I change it up a bit. this month I am working on different things. I won’t go into too many specifics but.. It’s a personal stress release for me. That or WoW. Both of them help deal with frustrations in life. Which helps, considering what I deal with on the daily. 

Ugh, it’s 10 and I need to go to bed soon. Gotta do the adulting thing tomorrow. 

There are nights like -right now- , where I feel like unplugging the Shaw modem, hiding the power cable – and bullshitting the kids. So I wouldn’t have to hear the meltdowns for -once-. But, I know that would make things worse. So I would never do it. I just hope he goes to bed soon…  :/

 It’s like I can’t do anything to calm the meltdowns. The best I can do is let him rip them out, and hope he eventually self-soothes. It’s rough for everyone. Especially for him. I just, I don’t even know. It’s rough because I have no support from -anyone-. When I hear someone complaining about Single Parents (mostly mothers which – the fuck??-) I want to scream and loudly. I have seen that online a ton lately. Another rant for another day. 

Okay I am going to head to bed.



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