Lots of walking.

Today I managed to walk and keep on my feet – from about what… 9:21AM to just before 1PM . To me, that is a accomplishment of some sort. Just because due to COVID, I don’t get to do the massively long walks I used to do.  Hopefully with people being vaccinated, this will happen sooner than later.

I miss walking home. I do! Even in the rain. It was rather soothing for me. In the place, I work out every single day. Except for today, all of the walking kind of took me down something fierce. Shoulders and knees were screaming. But I don’t care. I needed to do it, and I LOVED it!

Another night though of the cats… being cats. I made sure I played with Tashi especially yesterday. Nope, soon as I climbed into bed – instant wanting attention. Middle of the night fight. To the point where I had to chase Starr down the stairs, just so I could sleep. Tonight or tomorrow, shutting the door. They have never gotten along. There has been odd times where they manage to get along. Key word is “sometimes manage”. Starr has this thing of chasing either Benn or Tashi. Then standing at the top of the stairs meowing. Like loudly meowing. Bellowing, almost. Like “hey, what the hell” type of meow.

It’s cute in the middle of the day. It’s not very cute at 3am.

I know, I know someday we’ll miss this. When you’re exhausted, come at me for this haha.. 😛

I found these Pride Cat toys at Petsmart today, and of course I had to buy them! Starr LOVES the cute little mice. The other two not so much as of yet. Well hell, i think they are cute. The mice are in these cute little outfits. For cat toys, I think they did an amazing job.

I am glad I was able to do that exercise today.  I needed to just walk and burn it off. Then when I arrived home, I was needed for everyone else. Thank the gods tomorrow I don’t need to do anything for anyone. Aside from getting Bean off to school. Just – it’s hard sometimes ya know? 😛

Oh, I know what I did. I mixed a bit of purple with red hair dye. It looks more purple than red, but it will eventually fade. It’s only hair. Big whooooop 😛

Third set of Beats bluetooth quit working. I am -never- buying another pair of those. Ever. The bluetooth should not quit after a year! So for now, they are my computer headphones. I mean there isn’t anything physically wrong with them – except the bluetooth quit.

My left shoulder and arm have been screaming at me today. Between muscle twitches, the annoying pain searing down. I didn’t lift anything heavy. So what-the-eff … The right one is trying to join as well. It’s like living between two boxers or something. Nothing helps, except laying in bed under my weighted blanket. Even if I touch them, I feel like screaming. I think it’s the temp changing to be honest… as that’s when I feel it in my ankle (the one I fell on .. ) yeah, my body is a whole lotta OUCH. But worth it.

I know, it’s a “oh hell woe is meee!” post. Nah. Not woe at all . Pain is pain. I’ve lived with it for over ten years, (back a lot longer!) … I’ve lived with worse. 😛 Least we forget, nutcracker. 

Working out I am trying to make myself stronger. If I aggravate something, I stop. I know I am limited, and that’s okay. I push a little, but not enough to put my arse in the hospital.

I was asked by a person in line today – if I was vaccinated. Nope, not yet. I can’t do AZ (been told not to by a medical doctor..) so I have to wait. It’s fine. We’re still protecting ourselves. 

Oh ew. I just felt both shoulders, and I felt bone. BONE… ew. That usually means they are swollen. Gross ya out, I care not hahaha…

Couple of things I have heard in the past couple of days – have made me smile.  I won’t go into specifics, but I appreciated the thought and the kudos. So – thank you from who it was.  Same to the second person. 🙂

Kind of brings you up when you’re feeling a tad down. 

Someone tried to add me to a religious group on Instagram. Just – please – don’t do that. If and when I choose to follow a religion, I will add myself. I tend to stay away from organized religion. I believe in what I choose to believe in. Thanks. 

Trying to keep myself awake until at least 10. If it’s nice tomorrow, I might pull my ass out to a cemetery walk. If not, I will stay home and chillax. 

I’m so boring haha. Oh, I want more ink. Yes, yes I do.

Oh, and I still say Apple Watch doesn’t track right. Reason being? the amount of time I walked today was WAY PAST a half hour. It says I have only done 28 mins. Uh, fuck off. I have tried everything Apple says to do, and nothing fixes this. Its at 8,300 steps. Can you do that in 28 minutes? Is that possible?

Tech has glitches, it happens.

Ok going to listen to a bit more music, then head to bed. Figure out what I am going to do tomorrow. 



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