Spending the weekend in front of my computer – is making me pay for it today. My neck, back and shoulders are all screaming. Screaming very loudly. I can hardly move my neck, back or shoulders. Wee stiff I made add. Stiff and incredibly sore. On top of me being stubborn and still working out. T3’s are not touching this pain either. Seriously, it’s that bad. BUT, I know it’s from my own doing so.. live and learn.

Not complaining just,. yeah. Sore in more than one way.

I was sitting in front of my computer today – and my bedroom light decided to blow. I think in the past few days, our house has blown about 4 light bulbs. Thankfully my son found one I could use.. and then I bought more. 😛 .. I mean I have tin foil on my window, so my room gets dark. One of these years I need to buy blackout curtains. It’s on my “I will do it eventually” list. Actually no, this year I plan on buying a decent set. I need to remove the tin foil and make things less tacky. 😛

It was really nice last night. I had both Benn and Tashi next to me sleeping. Usually Benn takes off when I lay down in my bed. T’was really cool. As long as they don’t start fighting, it’s nice. But when they start fighting, that’s when things get messy. Starr as well, when he runs upstairs and pisses Benn off. He doesn’t just growl, he screams. Our old man.

Dr Henry started -again- of advising people to not cross travel. Hell, not even to cross city travel. Problem being? They have no way to enforce this. They tell you not to do it, and people do it anyways. Unless she puts down some serious measures and stops being nice, this will continue to happen. I know of several who has cross-province traveled, and even with being careful – still continue to do it. People who go back and forth between the mainland and here. I won’t myself because I don’t want to risk my health. My kids won’t either. But we also listen to reason and logic. Others just don’t care! Thing is though, our numbers are going to keep escalating, until the powers that be do something.

Okay, enough of that.

Oh, my hair is super soft. Yes, I talked about my haaairs. I am also keeping track of the XMONDO site haha, I know a mention again. Really looking forward to when they re-stock. I totally love their dyes. Even if they are super pricey. Worth it though!

I was going to wash my sheets today and re-wash the cover to the weighted blanket. I just can’t lift the blanket right now, to remove the cover.  Perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Finally Wally’s Wonderland comes out tomorrow. From the previews I have seen, it looks like a decent movie. Nic Cage being Nic Cage. I can’t wait to see it. Although I hope it’s not a total let down like Jujitsu was. That movie was SO hyped up…and the only decent scenes in the movie is when he fights to the teeth, and yeah.

I need to find a chiropractor. I need to find one to straighten up my back. From sitting in front of my computer, its aching. Then again it could be residuals from the car accident years ago. Damn though I think that or a massage therapist. One or the other. Hell I am covered, so why not. But I need to find one which is open, and taking new patients. Which is difficult due to the C word. 

and not cookie.


Today I found when I had social media opened, I became incredibly distracted. I saw “oooh, Disney!” and ended up focusing on other things. I promise myself less Facebook, more focusing on things in front of you.

I want to buy ankle weights. Nothing incredibly heavy, but something which would help during working out. As I can hardly run (due to the -lovely- knocks on the wall /snark) and I can’t jump or be super fast. Or maybe wrist weights? I can’t lift normal weights due to my shoulders. We shall see.

Oh the scattered mind, OOOH!

Another night of feeling a calcium deposit. I know it’s gross for those not into medical. But damn, when I feel one, it feels trippy. Like a little moving bump almost. 

I wonder what the x-rays saw? I haven’t heard back yet. But guessing if it was serious, I would have heard by now. Right?

It’s just pretty funky. Everything I have read says they re-deposit. Mine do not re-deposit. They have been there for years. Quite possibly, decades. 

Oh, and I keep blaming Darryn for my farts. She keeps saying I have perfect timing XD

I’ve noticed it’s been difficult to find decent sized lemons in this city. Not sure if this is pandemic related or what. But since I have been having fresh lemon water every say, I am struggling to find lemons. Like the only ones I have been finding are small ones. I prefer large to small, as they last and they taste decent. It has been helping. Ever since I have been putting the effort into working out, and drinking lemon water – digestion has been easier. I have more energy during the day as well. I find if the energy is tanking, I grab some vitamin C (vitamins) and that helps. It keeps things moving.

ETA – Oh yay, Willys Wonderland my preorder is now available. I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow. Apparently it has something to do with Five Nights At Freddies? It looks like classic Nicolas Cage.

I need to find some time this year to book a staycaction. I have vacation time I know needs to be used. I’ll figure it out. 

Okay, need to come off this thing now.

Before that, I checked my old Livejournal for when I joined. I joined LJ in February of 2001. When E and I were still together. That LJ was stopped being used back in I think years ago. But damn. 20 years of being on that site. Can you believe that? The only reason I am thinking about it, is a friend posted about Livejournal on Facebook. 

There are SO many fake ads on Facebook. It’s so annoying! Sure, we found out about our shower head on Facebook (and it works amazingly well!)But – man some of them just annoy the snot out of me. So many fake weight loss ads. People saying “Oh I drink away fat!” Yeah, no. Or fake cleaning products, and so on. I know Facebook needs to make money, but man… lol

Ok, I need to go lay down and rest my neck and shoulders. They are screaming. Like I can hardly move, I am SO stiff. Hahaha, I said stiff. 

I am seeing this commercial for pain medication.. it says “for pain relief for your hip and lower back” and the bottle in clear site says “tylenol for back pain.” Isn’t Tylenol the pain relief, period? Aside from Advil which can cook your stomach and heart, and aspirin for other pain? Like, these commercials are so silly.

Oh, the pain I have tonight, nothing is touching it. Not T3’s, not biofreeze, nothing. It hurts. I did still work out today, because they don’t recommend sitting still. Perhaps I made things worse? I don’t know. All I know is it aches… But – that’s with age as well.

Oh, and in 4 days I can “register” for the COVID vaccine. I am still on the fence about it .. I mean, I want to be able to travel again. BUT – I also think the world is putting too much of a face value in the vaccinations. Our numbers are soaring, not going down. With as many people vaccinated as have been, we should have our infections going down. I mean people have been getting vaccinated for months now. Why are things getting worse, instead of getting betteR? Why can the medical professionals involved not see this? I can see it. Others can. I want to get the vaccine just so I can keep moving forward, and finally see my grandmother. But .. also – how safe are they? I need more research. I know, I keep flip flopping over it – but .. It’s just how quickly these vaccines were pushed out. I think I need to look further into this, before I think of the answer for myself. 

I also want to do what is best for us. I am the one who is outside of the house more than the other two. We will see how things go. I really don’t want to be down due to side effects. What I might do is book the vaccine and book vacation time at the same time. To make sure I am covered.

I keep telling Darryn that when Benn does get fixed, she will most likely poof out. Long haired cats tend to do so.

Okay, now I seriously need to go to bed.






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