Quiet weekend.

I spent way too much time playing video games this weekend. The adult mind in my head went “Girl, you need to tidy up that darn laundry room!” .. But – my shoulders decided to go “Nuh huh girl, you are not lifting anything this weekend!”.. So, video games it was.

Also, to be honest – I hardly looked at social media. I really became annoyed when all I could see on Friday morning – was anger. Frustration and hate. Not so much towards COVID (well, some of it was.) but SO much toward the Prince passing away. I understand that the Prince had a very colorful past (which – in turn those bitching about him on social media most likely have shitty pasts as well. They just like to project their frustrations in life onto others.. Oi.) .. but – whatever happened to “If you have nothing nice to say, keep it off of social media?”

I really only checked out Disney blogs, and said forget anything else. I checked to see if anything had been posted about someone I know. Oh and to chat -quickly- online. That’s really it. I really enjoyed the time off of social media. 

It’s just been so utterly negative online. Like – people find one thing wrong, they complain. COVID – they complain. Vaccinations not moving fast enough? CERB given out? They complain. I am done with it, to be quite honest. You can only take negativity for so long… Hah. I just don’t want to give this any room in my mind. 

On a completely random note. Tashi had a turd stuck on her butt. Comes flying up the stairs, dragging down wind. Guessing she thought if she dragged, the turd would come off. Nope. Took human intervention to release the turd. Hahaha. Ahh life living with four legged, and two legged kids. haha. Although come to think of it, two of our cats are the oldest in our home. As one is 11 will be 12 this year in human years..and the other will be 9 going on ten. So do the math in cat years. Starr will be 64 this year (technically) and Tashi will be 56. So – even older than I am! Hahaha…

Both of them are considered senior citizens. Both are also the oldest cats my tiny family has had (in our home..) . Which is awesome!

Benn got super mad when I looked at her as she chased a spider. All I heard was maw maw MEOW! hahaha… Cute, isn’t she?


Link for reference on cat ages. Just in case. I would suspect Farmer’s is a trusted source.


So Darryn came across an article on Heath Ledger. Someone said “Oh Heath died from killing himself”. She then politely corrected the person that no, it wasn’t suicide. Anyone who has fingers on a cell phone screen can GOOGLE how he passed. Hell I think his autopsy is out there someplace. I would suspect an autopsy would be a trusted piece of material. But this person kept arguing with D, and I told her to let it go. We’re in that age now where ANYONE can say something online. Something of which they would never say EVER out in public. Would you go up to Heath’s family and say this? No. I suspect the tossing around of suicide, came from the Joker diaries which were found. That, and the majority of people spewing this nonsense – were children themselves when he passed. It’s such a piss on his memory when people do shit like this.

Hell it happened to Brandon Lee as well. People to this day – keep saying he was killed by the Chinese Mafia. No, what happened to Brandon was an accident, completed by overworked and underpaid staff. But people STILL do it. Same with his father Bruce Lee. Like ‘ enough already people…

This type of subject really irks me, to be honest. As I have researched countless people for years..and when I hear people making up nonsense, stories and what-have-you .. It’s like someone should make a t-shirt saying “Maybe you should Google It!’.. Wait, no “Maybe you should open a book!”. Bah, then again nowadays even books aren’t always correct. 

To anyone who wears glasses… does it drive you batty when you can’t get them clean enough? Drives me nuttier than squirrel poop. 

What I want to do is put some shelves up. So I have somewhere to put some of my Disney Stuff. I am thinking of doing some Spring cleaning, and possibly selling some of the collection. I mean right now, it’s sitting in my closet. When it could be in the arms of some kid, loving them! Contemplating it. Problem is, a friend picked up some of my collection .. I don’t know if she would be hurt if I put them up for sale. I know they are mine, I paid for them. Seems silly to think about BUT – she did go out of her way. Ack, decisions decisions.

We’re hearing of more and more COVID19 infections in the schools out here. It’s a worry to be honest. I mean there was one in K’s school. She’s rather nervous about it, and I don’t blame her. She wants to be near her friends but, COVID. We can’t leave the house without worrying about COVID. She’s been asking if she can stay home, because of the exposure. It’s so frustrating. What the government needs to do, is completely shut down. Take the example of other countries. The ones who have kicked COVID, or only have a tiny amount of infections. Like only leaving the house for groceries, doctors’ visits – or the hospital. That’s it. We need to nip this in the ass. There are way too many people going “fuck you” and doing what they want. Hell I see this on social media. It’s so frustrating!

End rant on the ‘VID

D’s cat is playing on the ipad. All you hear is squeak SQUEAK. Hahaha!

A woman crashed her car into Walmart on Friday. Darryn and I were supposed to be there at the time it happened. That’s incredibly scary. We would have been in the area where that car went through the wall. I mean, I am glad we decided to skip Walmart and go to Country Grocer. The only downside to that was CG was super packed. Kailani and I ended up going, because Darryn was too tired for shopping. We didn’t pick up much, but we did pick up some tasty waffles and mixings.

Darryn dyed Kailani’s hair …and now the bathtub is bright flippin’ pink. No joke.

I wish Xmondo would hurry up and re-stock their dye. It’s the best dye so far that I have used. It bleeds like the other stuff – don’t get me wrong. But it leaves nothing on your hands or head. or on the floor, or wall or clothing. I found with Manic Panic, Punky Color – Splat … the bleeding just drives me nuts. However XMONDO is always out of stock. I managed to get two things of color from them…and I go back and forth between orange and red.. So I don’t run out before they re-stock. They are a bit more pricy. But – you get more and .. it has glitter. I mean you can’t go wrong there. Right?

For this weekend. I had planned on cleaning up a bit more. I did sweep, and clean the counters. Just scrubbing and doing anything with my arms was not going to happen. Hopefully next weekend.

I didn’t get to sleep in this weekend either. Between the cats picking fights at 2am, and the neighbors talking loudly – I received hardly any sleep. But – we’re heading into a new week so .. we shall see. I just noticed it’s ten. I need to hit the hay soon.

Really random but.. I want to get more tattoos. I really do. Someday! When it’s safe to do so.

You know, with the whole vaccine thing. Everything which is medically wrong with me, isn’t good enough to be put on the “you go first” list. They even gave a list of medications they expect you to be on, to be bumped up the list. People with asthma, for example. Like if Kailani had an active script and was of age, she could be bumped up. But – she hasn’t had an active script in years. So .. yeah. That and the government keeps flip flopping about if they will vaccinate under 18. Oi. It’s such a nightmare.

Okay I need to head to bed. Early morning in the AM. 




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