The last few days have been odd, but nice.

Still feeling the after-effects of the cemetery walk. It was something I needed, that’s for sure. Next long weekend – I will be heading to the other cemetery close by. Larger – may need a few trips to fully cover.

Received some decent news as well. I won’t go into specifics, but it was great to hear. 

Completely random, but I just had the oddest fart ever. It was like this poof then FFTTPPTT.. haha, I can crack like that. I am entitled, or I think I am.

We -really- need to gut the piss out of the laundry room. I am hoping my shoulders will allow me to do so either this weekend, or next. Seeing as everyone makes it the dumping ground of the house o.O it needs to be done.

This week I have been struggling with intense pain in both shoulders, and lower left chest. It’s my own damn fault to be honest. I thought I would go through the list of workouts in this “apprentice” workout section. There was an hour long “boxing cardio” workout…and me thinking I could do it, I did it. Yeah, no. Never ever doing that again. It’s on my “what the hell are you thinking!” list. I was hurting so bad. Tore muscles in my chest, and in both arms/shoulders. Let’s just say because your mind says “go for it”, it doesn’t mean you should do it.

Was finally able to meet my appointment for a double x-ray. I am actually rather curious as to what they found. As both shoulders/arms were incredibly inflamed the day I went for the x-ray. I mean its odd to say, but I hope they saw something. 

The cats are still weirded out that D’s room is clean. It’s so silly to see how they are reacting over this.

We also found out results of a test that we were waiting on. I also won’t go into specifics as it’s not my place to discuss. It’s been an odd feeling around here though since things were found out. 

Today though especially has been odd. Soon as I woke up this morning, people have been miserable. I don’t know if it’s from pandemic burn out, or what. But -everyone- has been miserable. Even during the day. It’s like I wish I could just take off somewhere and avoid the cranky. LOL Online and offline.

Almost deleted Facebook today. If it wasn’t for my grandmother on FB, I would wipe it clean. I’m just meh about social media. It’s nice when it’s handy, but it’s also a vicious tool for those who stir the pot. So to speak.

We will see. I mean I love keeping up with friends and such. It’s just sometimes it’s too much.

This weekend (aside from some basic chores).  – I plan on not doing much. Trying to get this pain to stop screaming at me. Hopefully steer away from social media unless absolutely necessary. I mean – everyone- needs a break every now and again.

We heard about a COVID infection at my daughter’s school. No, she was not contacted about exposure. I did however allow her to stay home today, as she was completely worried about it. I don’t blame her. I am almost at the point of moving her into home school – as no one in the government seems to be concerned. I won’t start on my rant about COVID .. Trying not to lose my cool over something completely out of my control. I can control however keeping her safe.  I also on the flipside to this, do not want her falling behind. We will see how things go. I suspect we may possibly end up like Toronto, who took themselves down for another full blown lockdown. That is what we need to be honest. 

Again though, not littering my blog post with COVID nonsense. We can’t do anything about it, except do our small part. If it means staying inside to keep safe? So be it. We have food, toiletries and entertainment. Nothing wrong there.

Today I was harsh patting myself on the back. Not going into specifics, but super proud of myself. Just writing about it so I can go back to this later, and be prooooud of myself <3 Not tooting my own horn, just kind of proud of myself. 

I just wish that I didn’t struggle with my shoulders as much as I do. I mean I keep going, i keep plugging through it. Kind of have to, right? I do work out, because I have been told exercise can be the best option.

Boring, right? Well… that is who I am. Boooooring.

Oh. I found a website which talks about the Disney Park in Hawaii. I would love to visit there someday. I went to Hawaii when I was 2 (and of course, i don’t remember it!@)…and I would love to go back. Someday. It’s on my bucket list. That and Australia. It’s a plan. Just need to get things in motion. 

Trying to stay up as long as I can tonight. I need to just lay in bed and relax tomorrow morning. Perhaps this will help the pain settle a bit. 

I can’t wait to get Benn and Starr into the vet for a check up. Then we can finally get the “vet only” treatment for fleas. Hope and pray this goes away once and for all. I mean the girls are keeping up their rooms. We vacuum A LOT… and yeah.  I honestly think we should just flea bath all three.

I also love the Petsmart Door Dash delivery service that they have. I don’t need to fight the crowds to get decent cat stuff. So yay! A wee bit more pricy, but these little fluffballs are worth it.

Just received this random cold chill in my room. Totally random ..

Random – I wonder why Disney doesn’t bring out more black colored t-shirts? It’s always some random color – or grey. Just grey. Like people – there are fans of Disney who love the color black. Shade, whatever… 😛 

Was a wee bummed this morning. Friend went to Universal Studios and they had the cutest ET and Hello Kitty top. When they were able to check – it was sold out. Damn it. I totally loved it. Not a huge outstanding fan of HK – but the picture was cute. Plus – it included ET. Love that movie! 

Oh, I totally need more ink. I have plans.

Ok, need to go chillax. Oooh, just found easter candy… sweeet.


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