Well, then.

This weekend had it’s ups and downs.

Friday I went through an amazing yet WELL NEEDED walk through a cemetery here. I needed it, you have no idea. None. I needed that time to be by myself, to focus and think. It was nice!

Saturday after fighting my body from all of the walking and such (went from walking to grabbing groceries to coming home to clean up.. haha!) I spent the majority of the day cleaning and fighting pain. Although now my cupboards are super clean.. my body is super angry. Thats okay though, I can deal with pain. (It’s part of having multiple chronic issues.. shit happens!)

Yesterday I spent the mass majority of the day playing video games. The kids did their own thing. I completely forgot to buy a ham for dinner, so Easter Dinner wasn’t a thing. It’s okay though, one of these days we will have a family dinner together.

I found out that my grandmother is in the hospital. Right now, nobody can go and see her due to COVID. 

I spoke to her today.. I won’t go into specifics.

This afternoon I heard within the past few days,BC has had non stop traveling, OH and over 4 thousand COVID infections.

People went on the media, and had the balls to say “well, we’re enjoying our lives”


I am totally burnt out from this pandemic bullshit. I am so annoyed with humanity. The selfishness of others is just.. wow. i am sick of being angry. Sick of being let down by other humans in this world.

We’re doing what we can to stay safe. Others just don’t give a flying fuck. 

My grandmother is in the hospital right now. Waiting on tests and things. I can’t get out there to go and see her (which who knows what will happen…) because people decided TRAVELLING was more fucking important … no visitors are allowed. 

I was lucky enough that a nurse let me talk to her today. They aren’t supposed to do so. But he did. I am just incredibly angry. Well, not so much angry but very disappointed.

i understand the pandemic is making everyone crazy. I get that. I feel it myself. My daughters are going nuts being stuck inside all of the time. My son would love to visit his buddy on the mainland, but can’t due to COVID.

My grandmother is in a hospital in one of the places in BC which has the highest infection rates. I feel so horrible for her right now. She was stuck in her home alone, and now this? Stuck in a hospital by herself, with none of us there to be with her.

All because people had to be selfish, and not give a fuck about anyone else but themselves.

I’m not sorry if this blog entry is upsetting. I am just so frustrated right now. Had COVID not existed, I would have been on the first ferry out this morning to be over there.

I am just so incredibly bummed right now. 

My shoulders are on screaming fire right now. Screaming sending pain down my back. it’s not fun.

Please keep my grandmother in your thoughts. Well, anyone who reads this. 


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