Not a catchy title.

Honestly feels weird that I stuffed a post behind a password. I haven’t done that in ages .. But – it was something personal. You know how the media says “Oh you should talk about that, free the stigma?” . I wasn’t ready.

I keep checking the weather to see if rain is predicted for tomorrow. I really want to go on this cemetery walk. My youngest asked if she could come with, I said no. I need a long walk – by myself. I am fairly certain if I pack a bunch of masks, hand sanitizer – batteries and my phone.. I’ll be okay. It’s not super far from here either.

It’s been so sunny the past several days.. Just hoping for a decent day tomorrow.  I hope!

For some strange reason – the cats keep waking me up at 5am. Every day this week, except for one day. I’m like can you wait for a hour? So I can get some sleeeep! But no… no they want it now, they don’t care (or know? ) about time.. so it’s up I go. Although I think this weekend I will be closing my door so I can get -some- sleep.

There is something I need to deal with, that I have been avoiding for a long time. The walk in the cemetery hopefully will give me some privacy.. so I can make phone calls without the kids listening in *cough Darryn cough*  It’s COVID.  It’s the pandemic. I know we’re being safe (the mantra running through my mind that is.. We’re being safe. We’re not being sheep. We’re being safe. We’re together being safe…) I know that. The pandemic has put a hold on many many thing.. but – this- is something I need to do without their ears around. 

I did an incredible amount of reading last night. Almost to the point of being obsessive with the topic. It was interesting though. 

It’s so odd – The Crow was -all- over the streaming services ALL darn year. The one day it was important to have it up, and it was removed. I watched it on my blu ray player. I sat here, and did not move, to give Brandon a bit of respect. 

I’ve been getting into those moods of just wanting to be alone. You know? When people are constantly wanting your help, attention.. NOT that I mind being helpful, that isn’t the thing. I guess, I can’t recall the last time I heard the phrase “How are you?” . Like a real thoughtful “How are you”> .. I think the pandemic has taken the human interaction side, and messed with it. As we’re all stuck at home (unless you break pandemic rules) . So at this point, I think people are super wanting problems solved, or to vent. It happens?

I think the human race will be changed for sure, once the pandemic is over. People won’t go rushing back into human interaction, no. They will be slowly moving into it. Or trying to be. I don’t know, do I make sense?

I am so half awake. Today then onto the long weekend. Bring it on!

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