Saturday night.

This week wasn’t as bad. Aside from a large migraine on Tuesday. Other than that, things were okay.

With the weather temps going up and down.. there are days in which my shoulders are okay. Then there are days in which I want to rip them off, and feed them to the cats. 

I had an echocardiogram two weeks ago, and am waiting to hear the results. I have the appointment on Thursday. It doesn’t say I am any less nervous though. I mean the technician kept saying “Yours is so mild, so mild, so mild – they are wasting your time making you come in!” ..and I asked twice while in the appointment if it was still mild. She said yes, and went on to say “well many people have this!”. Then she went quiet, because technically they aren’t to talk about results.

So we will see, I guess. I mean I have to take it as it comes. Spending time worrying about things is not going to make any results any easier. The last time I had this test done – they had written on the report that the regurgitation was “better” not worse. I did watch the screen (as medical tests fascinate me for some strange reason..) and the tech kept saying it was super mild. The different colors were not that thick, but what do I know? I am not a ultrasound technician. I just know based on different articles I have read.

Even still – I guess I do suffer from a “broken heart”. Right, right? Am I right? XD .. this whole thing was found accidentally .. hopefully with me working out it -stays- mild. I mean some live with it being mild for years. Some don’t need to worry about itl. Me? Of course I worry about it. As when they found this, a whole pile of other medical things came up. 

We shall see.

I know I am also in a hypo flip right now which isn’t helping matters. I work out, we try to eat healthier.. but still . I think from us being stuck in the house, it isn’t helping anything. I can’t walk home like I did before. It’s driving me nuts. 

I like having choices, not being stuck.

I also feel horrible about this recent rash odd weather. Places which aren’t used to cold and sick temps, are being swamped with them. It’s very hard on the heart seeing these places with people dying, over this. The world is in a messed up place right now. I mean for our little complaints, people are dying, have frozen pipes, no heat, no power, no food. It’s bloody scary! With COVID on top of this. It’s so scary and disgusting. 

Sending prayers to everyone affected. I wish I had the means to help everyone out there. :/ 

Okay, bedtime for me. My shoulders are screaming .. Even though I worked out today, the majority of exercises didn’t revolve around my shoulders. 




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